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IP Office 500 V2/V2A IP Office Basic Edition

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IP Office 500 V2/V2A Control Unit Overview

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This documentation is intended to assist with the installation of the core components of an IP Office system running in Avaya IP Office Basic Edition mode on an IP Office 500 V2 control unit or IP Office 500 V2A control unit. Installation in other modes is covered by separate manuals.

This document covers both IP Office 500 V2 and IP Office 500 V2A control units. For details common to both models of control unit, the term IP Office 500 V2/V2A control unit is used.


The IP Office is a converged voice and data communications system. It should therefore only be installed by persons with telephony and IP data network experience.

Installers must be trained on IP Office. Through the Avaya University (AU), Avaya provides a range of training courses including specific IP Office implementation and installation training. It also provides certification schemes for installers to achieve various levels of IP Office accreditation.

It is the installer’s responsibility to ensure that all installation work is done in accordance with local and national regulations and requirements. It is also their responsibility to accurately establish the customer’s requirements before installation and to ensure that the installation meets those requirements.

You should read and understand this documentation in full before installation. You should also obtain and read any Avaya Technical Bulletins relevant to recent IP Office software and hardware releases to ensure that you are familiar with any changes.



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