Where more than 3 Phone Barrier Boxes are used they must be rack mounted. The Barrier Box Rack Mounting Kit (SAP Code 700293905) supports up to 8 Phone Barrier Boxes.

1.Unscrew the two screws arranged diagonally at the front of each barrier box and use these same screws to reattach the barrier box to the rack mounting strip.

2.Each barrier box is supplied with a solid green ground wire connected to its functional ground screw. Remove and discard this wire. Connect a green/yellow ground wire to the protective earth screw in the center of the Point on the back of the Barrier Box.

3.The rack mounting strip has threaded M4 earthing pillars. Connect the other end of the barrier box ground wire, using M4 washers and nuts, to the earthing pillar on that side of the rack mounting strip.

4.Using 14AWG wire with green and yellow sleeve, connect one of the earthing pillars to the buildings protective earth.

5.Using 14AWG wire with green and yellow sleeve, connect the other earthing pillar to the Phone module.

6.Ensure that the following wires are not routed together in the same bundle:

Earth lead from the barrier box to the Phone module.

Internal wires, e.g. wires going directly to the Phone module.

Wires from external telephone going directly to the barrier boxes.