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IP Office Basic Edition - Basic Edition Manager R11.1

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File | Preferences | Validation

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This tab is accessed through File | Preferences and then selecting the Validation sub-tab.

By default Manager validates the whole configuration when it is loaded and individual fields whenever they are edited. This tab allows selection of when automatic validation should be applied to configuration files loaded into Manager.  

Validate configuration on open
Automatically validate configuration files when they are opened in Manager.

Validate configuration on edit
Validate the whole configuration when OK is clicked after editing a record. For large configurations, disabling this option removes the delay caused by validating the configuration after every edit.  

Prompt for configuration validation on save or send
If selected, when saving or sending a configuration, a prompt is displayed asking whether the configuration should be validated. If validation is selected and errors are found, the send or save process is canceled. This option is disabled if Validate configuration on edit is selected.



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