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IP Office Basic Edition - Web Manager R11.1

A button set to this function allows the user to redirect all their calls to another number. Extensions with Remote Call Forwarding enabled can also forward calls externally by specifying a personal speed dial as the destination.

If an extension already has a button set to this function, creating another button with this function will automatically clear the setting from the existing button.

If the user has this feature enabled, removing this button will turn the feature off.

For analog lines and T1 lines without DID, the extension must be the Line Coverage Extension for that line.

You can forward outside, intercom, transferred and voice signaled calls.

You cannot forward group calls, calls to doorphone alert extensions, coverage calls, transfer-return calls and night service calls.

The system will only forward calls on lines that have reliable disconnect. For these lines, Hold Disconnect Time must be set to a value other than 00 (No Detection).

The extension must have an available line to forward the call to an outside number.

The system uses the extension’s automatic line selection setting to determine which line to use for the outgoing call.

Extension's with Remote Call Forwarding enabled can also forward calls externally by specifying a personal speed dial (80 to 99) as the destination.

Programming the destination and/or the originator onto the call coverage button is optional.

Extensions configured as doorphone extension or loudspeaker device will ignore any forwarding set on the extension.

Do not disturb overrides call forwarding.

To access this function without a programmable button:

On DS and ETR phones, press FEATURE and then dial 11. To switch forwarding off enter the extension's own number as the destination.

On BST phones, press FEATURE and dial 4.



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