For IP Office Release 8.0+, IP Office Basic Edition systems can be managed via web browser. This operation is supported using a range of standard web browsers.

Access to the system is via its IP address and then selecting the IP Office Web Management link. This documentation covers the recommended initial configuration that can be done via web based management. Full use of web based management is covered in the IP Office Basic Edition Web Base Management manual.

In order to use Basic Edition Web Manager, a number of criteria as listed below must be met. Most of these are applied automatic to a new system installed with IP Office Release 8.0. However, for systems being upgraded to IP Office Release 8.0, additional upgrade steps may be required.

1.The system must be running in IP Office Basic Edition, IP Office Basic Edition - PARTNER Mode or IP Office Basic Edition - Norstar Mode mode. Basic Edition Web Manager is not used for other IP Office modes.

2.The Basic Edition Web Manager files must be present on the System SD card. This can be done in a number of way:

By selecting to include those files when prompted to do so while recreating the IP Office SD card using IP Office Manager.

By selecting Upload System Files when upgrading the system using IP Office Manager.

3.The IP Office system security must allow Basic Edition Web Manager operation:

This is done automatically for any new system installed with IP Office Release 8.0 or higher software.

This is done automatically for any existing pre-IP Office Release 8.0 system during the upgrade if the system is set to use the pre-IP Office Release 8.0 default password of password.

For any system upgraded to IP Office Release 8.0 without first being set back to the default password, either:

Using IP Office Manager:

1.If not already done, select View | Advanced View.

2.Select File | Advanced | Erase Security Settings (Default).

3.From the Select IP Office dialog, select the required system and click OK.

4.Enter the user name Administrator and the password for that account (by default password).

5.IP Office Manager will confirm if the action was successful or not.

Default the system security settings using a DTE cable.


Defaulting the Security on a pre-8.0 IP Office Basic Edition System

In order to allow the security changes necessary for an existing system to support Basic Edition Web Manager after being upgraded to IP Office Release 8.0 or higher, the system must be reset to the default password before being upgraded. This can be done using IP Office Manager or phone based administration.

Using IP Office Manager

1.Start IP Office Manager and receive the configuration from the IP Office system.

2.On the Manager home page, select Change Remote / Administration Password.

3.Enter password, the pre-8.0 default, and click OK.

Using Phone Based Administration

Refer to the IP Office Basic Edition Phone Based Administration manual. The system administration function #730 is used to set the security password. This function should be used to set the password back to password.