Rather than shutting down the whole system, it is possible to just shut down the system's memory card. Once shutdown the card can be removed from the system to perform action such as load additional files onto the card or copy files from the card.

Shutting down the System SD card will halt voicemail services including user mailboxes and auto attendants. In addition, because the System SD card is used to validate licenses, licensed features will only operate for a further 2 hours before also halting.

A memory card that has been shutdown can be restarted using IP Office System Status or Basic Edition Web Manager. If the card has been removed from the system's control unit, it is automatically restarted when it is reinserted into the control unit.

Memory Card Shutdown Up using Basic Edition Web Manager

1.Click Monitoring in the menu bar and select Memory Card Stop.

Memory Card Shutdown using IP Office System Status

1.Click Monitoring in the menu bar and then click on System Status.

Alternatively, open a new browser or browser window and enter the address https://<IP Address>:8433/ssa/index.html using the same <IP Address> as used for Basic Edition Web Manager of the system. This option provides IP Office System Status a larger window for displaying information.

2.In the IP Office System Status Logon window, enter the same IP address, user name and password as you have used for Basic Edition Web Manager access to the system.

3.Click Logon.

4.In the navigation tree on the left, click on the + symbol next to System.

5.Click on the + symbol next to Memory Cards.

6.Click on the memory card, System SD or Optional SD, that you want to shutdown.

7.At the bottom of the screen, click Shutdown.

8.You will be asked to confirm the action. Click Yes.

9.Do not remove the memory card from the system until the adjacent System SD or Optional SD LED is extinguished.