The Night Service button feature is used on a button on the first extension on the system to turn night service on and off.

You can only program a Night Service button on the first extension port on the system.

This function is only supported on a button that includes LED/LCD indicator. The indicator is lit when the function is enabled.

If the user has this feature enabled, removing this button will turn the feature off.

Dialing restrictions for extensions not in the Night Service Group remain the same as during normal daytime operation.

If you reassign the Night Service Button, it is removed from the button where it was previously assigned.

Night service uses the System Password, if set, as follows:

oYou must enter the password when turning Night Service on or off.

oCalls to numbers other than marked system dials or in the Emergency Numbers list requires entry of the system password.

If you have a voice messaging system, VMS Hunt Schedule determines when outside calls should ring voicemail. The status of the Night Service Button tells the voice messaging system to operate in day or night mode.

The Night Service Button returns to the status (on/off) it was in immediately after a power failure or a system reset.

Night Service is unavailable on T1 lines with Direct Inward Dialing (DID)..