web system information

This panel provides a quick summary of the key system hardware. Most of the settings shown in this panel can be altered through the System | System menu if required.

IP Address
This is the IP address assigned to the LAN port on the back of the control unit. The address is normally obtained by the system using DHCP or it can be set manually. Otherwise the address defaults to

Sub-Net Mask
This is the sub-net mask associated with the IP address above.

Default Gateway
This is the default gateway address associated with the IP address above.

System Locale
This is the Country setting of the system. It affects a range of feature settings including many that are not user configurable and related to trunk operation. Therefore it is important to ensure that this setting is correct for the system's actual location.

Number Assigned to First Extension
This is the extension number of the first extension port in the system. That is the port that is on the top-left of the first internal card slot in the control unit (regardless of whether a card is installed in that port or not). For further details of the extension numbering options refer to Dial Plan.

Total Number of Extensions
This item shows the number of extensions supported by the system. Systems using 2 digit extension numbering support 48 extensions. Systems using 3 digit extension numbering support 100 extensions.