Restricting a User's External Calls

1.Click on User in the menu bar.

2.Scroll the list of users to the required user and click on View Details.

3.Click Advanced.

4.Select the required setting for the user's Outgoing Call Restrictions setting.

Outgoing Call Restrictions: Default = No Restriction.
For each user, this field sets the type of outgoing external calls that the user can normally make. Any restrictions applied do not apply to numbers in the Emergency Numbers List and to numbers in any Allowed Lists of which the user is a member.

No Restrictions
The user can make outgoing external calls. The Allowed Lists and Disallowed Lists of which the user is a member still apply.

Inside only
The user can only make internal calls.

Local only
The user can only make outgoing external calls to numbers matching local numbers.

5.Click Save.