The phone system can log call details at the end of each call. These SMDR records (Station Message Detail Recording) can be sent to a specified IP address where they can be collected and processed by 3rd party call logging software.

SMDR output: Default = Off
This control can be used to switch the output of SMDR on or off.

IP Address: Default = (Listen).
The destination IP address for SMDR records.

TCP Port: Default = 0.
The destination IP port for SMDR records.

Record to Buffer: Default = 500. Range = 10 to 3000.
The phone system can buffer up to 3000 SMDR records if it detects a communications failure with destination address. When the buffer is full, each new record overwrites the oldest record.

Call Splitting for Diverts: Default = Off.
When enabled, for calls forwarded off-switch using an external trunk, the SMDR produces separate initial call and forwarded call records. This applies for calls forwarded by forward unconditional, forward on no answer or forward on busy. The two sets of records will have the same Call ID. The call time fields of the forward call record are reset from the moment of forwarding on the external trunk.