You can answer telephone calls that are ringing your extension or at another extension. If you regularly pick up calls for a specific extension you can program a call pickup button for that specified extension.

To answer calls: (1403/1408/1416)

1.If already on a call, end the call by pressing Drop or put it on hold by either pressing Hold or pressing the button which the call is on.

2.While the call is alerting, additional options may be displayed (not on 1403 phones). On 1408 and 1416 phones press >> first:

This option sends the ringing call to voicemail to leave a message in your mailbox.

This option does not affect the incoming calls but temporarily turns off the ringer.

3.If you pick up the handset or press key speaker SPEAKER or key headset HEADSET (not on 1403 phones), you are connected to the incoming call.

To answer a call alerting on a specific line, press that button.