You can create up to 20 personal speed dial codes, 80 to 99, to store frequently dialed numbers. The numbers can be quickly dialed by pressing FEATURE and the two-digit code for that personal speed dial.

The personal speed dial numbers programmed for a particular extension can only be used at that extension.

If the system is connected to a PBX or Centrex system and a dial-out code (usually 9) is needed to place calls outside the PBX or Centrex system, include the dial-out code in Speed Dial numbers that must dial out of the PBX or Centrex system.

Personal speed dials do not override any dialing restrictions that apply to an extension.

Phone users (except on 1403 phones) can view, use and edit their personal speed dials through the phone's key contacts CONTACTS menu.

To use a personal speed dial: (1403/1408/1416)

1.If already on a call, end the call by pressing Drop or put it on hold by either pressing Hold or pressing the button which the call is on.

2.Press FEATURE (not on 1403 phone) or # and dial the two digit personal speed dial code between 80 and 99.

3.The stored number is dialed.

To edit your personal speed dials: (1408/1416)

1.Press the Admin soft key on the display.

If you access phone administration during a call, only the key speaker SPEAKER, key mute MUTE and key headset HEADSET buttons still affect the connected call.

2.Use the up arrow up or down down arrow arrow buttons to scroll to Telephone Programming. Press Select.

3.Use the up arrow up or down down arrow arrow buttons to scroll the display to Personal Speed Dial. When displayed, press Select.

4.At the Code: prompt enter between 80 and 99 to select the speed dial entry that you want to edit.

5.The current setting of the speed dial entry is displayed.

6.To enter a number press Enter, dial the number and press Enter. To remove the number press Clear.

The number can be up to 28 characters in length.

If your system uses an external dialing prefix, remember to include the prefix.

The following keys can be used to enter special dialing commands.



Press to insert






Inserts a 1.5 second pause.




Send a hook-switch flash signal.




Stop dialing.


Exit phone administration by pressing the key phone PHONE button. Alternatively use the Back button to move to another menu.