Use the following process to set or change the function of a button.

You cannot override any Intercom, Call Appearance or Line Appearance buttons assigned by the system and your system maintainer.

Some functions are unique, ie. if already assigned to a button, assigning the function to another button will automatically clear the setting from the existing button.

To program a button: (1408/1416)

1.Press the Admin soft key on the display.

If you access phone administration during a call, only the key speaker SPEAKER, key mute MUTE and key headset HEADSET buttons still affect the connected call.

2.Use the up arrow up or down down arrow arrow buttons to scroll to Telephone Programming. Press Select.

3.Press the programmable button you want to change. Alternatively:

Use the up arrow up or down down arrow arrows to scroll to Button Programming. Press Select.

At the Button: prompt press the button to edit or enter from the button number.

4.The current setting of that button is displayed.

To remove the function, press Clear.

To change the function, press Program.

Use the up arrow up and down down arrow arrow buttons to scroll through the menu options and select the required button function.

Exit phone administration by pressing the key phone PHONE button. Alternatively use the Back button to move to another menu.