An auto dialing button is used to store a frequently used or important number. Whenever the number needs to be dialed, pressing the button will dial the stored number.

To use an auto dial button: (9504/9508)

1.At dial tone or whenever you want to dial a number, press the programmed auto dial button.

2.The stored number is dialed.

To create an auto dial - other button: (9504/9508)

1.Press the Admin soft key on the display.

During a call, press the key phone PHONE button to display the Admin soft key option. If you access phone administration during a call, only the key speaker SPEAKER, key mute MUTE and key headset HEADSET buttons still affect the connected call.

2.Use the up arrow up or down down arrow arrow buttons to scroll to Telephone Programming. Press Select.

3.Press the programmable button you want to change. Alternatively:

Use the up arrow up or down down arrow arrows to scroll to Button Programming. Press Select.

At the Button: prompt press the button to edit or enter from the button number.

4.The current setting of that button is displayed.

5.Press Program and either press Intercom 2 or use the up arrow up or down down arrow arrow buttons to scroll the display to Auto Dial - Other and press Select.

6.At the AD-O: prompt enter the number for calls made using the button. The number can include * and # and the following special characters:

These options are accessed by pressing More and then selecting Pause, Stop or Recall as required.







Inserts a 1.5 second pause.



Send a hook-switch flash signal.



Stop dialing.


7.The current setting of the button will now be AD-O followed by the stored number.

8.To remove the current setting press Clear.

Exit phone administration by pressing the key phone PHONE button. Alternatively use the Back button to move to another menu.