The system administrator can program up to 100 frequently used number as system speed dial numbers 600 to 699. Any user in the system can use a system speed dial by pressing FEATURE and dialing the three digit code of the system speed dial required.

Except in special cases which the system administrator can configure, system speed dials do not override any dialing restrictions that apply to an extension.

Phone users  can also view and use system speed dials through the phone's key contacts CONTACTS menu.

The first two extensions on the system can also edit the system speed dials through the key contacts CONTACTS menu.

To use a system speed dial: (9504/9508)

1.If already on a call, end the call by pressing Drop or put it on hold by either pressing Hold or pressing the button which the call is on.

2.Press FEATURE or # and dial the three digit system speed dial code between 600 and 699.

3.The stored number is dialed.