You can create up to 20 personal speed dial codes, 80 to 99, to store frequently dialed numbers. The numbers can be quickly dialed by pressing Feature and the two-digit code for that personal speed dial.

The personal speed dial numbers programmed for a particular extension can only be used at that extension.

If the system is connected to a PBX or Centrex system and a dial-out code (usually 9) is needed to place calls outside the PBX or Centrex system, include the dial-out code in Speed Dial numbers that must dial out of the PBX or Centrex system.

Personal speed dials do not override any dialing restrictions that apply to an extension.

To Use a Personal Speed Dial

1.If already on a call, end the call (by pressing bst drop Release) or put it on hold (by pressing bst hold Hold).

2.Press Feature *4 or # and dial the two digit personal speed dial code between 80 and 99.

3.The stored number is dialed.

To Edit Your Personal Speed Dials

Your cannot edit your personal speed dials directly. You need to ask your system administrator to do this for you.