If you hear another phone ringing, there are a number of ways that you can answer the call if you know the user, group or line being called.


1.If already on a call, end the call (by pressing bst drop Release) or put it on hold (by pressing bst hold Hold).

2.Press an idle Intercom or Call Appearance button.

To pickup a call ringing at a particular extension:
Dial 6 followed by the extension number at which the call is ringing or parked.

To pickup the longest waiting call in a pickup group:
Dial 66 followed by the pickup group number (1 to 4).

To pickup the call ringing on a particular line:
Dial 68 followed by the two digit line number.

3. You can continue the call handsfree or switch to using the handset by lifting it.


To Create a Call Pickup Button

1.At the phone press Feature *3. Program Ext: is displayed.

2.Press the button that you want to edit or enter the button number to select the button. The current setting of the button is displayed.

3.Press the first intercom or call appearance button.

4.Dial 6 followed by the target extension number.

5.The button function is changed to Call Pickup followed by the target extension number.

To finish, end the call or press the bst drop Release button.


To Use a Call Pickup Button

1.Press the Call Pickup programmed button for the specified extension number. You are connected to the call that was ringing the specified extension.