You can view additional details about the currently shown call.

1.Press Feature 812. The display will change to show your call log records.

Use the * key to select which call log records you are viewing. The options are All, Mis (missed calls), Ans (answered incoming calls) and Out (outgoing calls).

Use the –<<< and >>>+ buttons to scroll through the list of matching names (Note: If done during a call or while alerting, this will also adjust the call or ring volume).

2.Press 0 (or press the Details soft key). The individual details of the currently selected call record are displayed.

3.The call details are displayed. Use the bst volume soft and bst volume loud keys to cycle through the values:

Time and Date - The time of the call.

Count - How many time a call of the same type, name and number has occurred. Only the details of the most recent call are kept in your call log. However the count will indicate if the caller has rung or has been rung several times.

Call Type - The type of call record. The options are Mis (missed calls), Ans (answered incoming calls) and Out (outgoing calls). .

Number - The number of the caller if available.

Name - The name of the caller if known.

Duration - The length of the call.

4.While you are in the details of a call record, the following functions are available:

Call the Number: Press # (or press the Call soft key).

Add to Your Personal Directory: Press 0 (or press the +Dir soft key).

Return to the Calls Display: Press * (or press the Back soft key).