You can add a name and number shown in your call log to your personal contacts.

1.Press Feature 812. The display will change to show your call log records.

Use the * key to select which call log records you are viewing. The options are All, Mis (missed calls), Ans (answered incoming calls) and Out (outgoing calls).

Use the –<<< and >>>+ buttons to scroll through the list of matching names (Note: If done during a call or while alerting, this will also adjust the call or ring volume).

2.Press 0 (or press the Details soft key). The individual details of the currently selected call record are displayed.

3.Press 0 (or press the +Dir soft key).

If using one of the first two extensions on the system, you can add a contact to either your own personal speed dials (Personal...) or to the system speed dials (External...). Use the bst volume soft and bst volume loud key to select which.

4.Press # (or press the Selct soft key).