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Conferencing Calls

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The conference feature allows you to conference other parties (including yourself) into a call. The system supports multiple conferences of up to 64 parties in total, including up to 2 external analog trunk in each conference.


To Create a Conference Call

1.While active on a call, press Feature 3. The first party is now on hold.

2.When you hear dial tone, dial the telephone number of the second party.

3.When the call is answered press Feature 3 again to add the second party to the call. All parties hear a single beep to indicate that they are in a conference call.

4.You can now speak to the first and second parties.

5.Repeat the steps above to add more parties.


To Hold a Conference Call

If you need to answer or make another call during a conference, you can hold in the same way as for normal calls. When you put a conference call on hold, the other parties can still talk to each other.

Only hold a conference that you know is taking place on your own telephone system. If you hold a conference that you have joined on another telephone system, that conference will hear hold music.

1.Press the bst hold HOLD button. The button icon will change to a fast flash.

2.To re-join the conference call, press the button.


To Drop Yourself

1.Press bst drop Release twice.


To Drop Other Parties

1.Press bst drop Release or press the Detail soft key.

2.The details of the parties in the conference are displayed. Your own details are always displayed first.

3.Press * or the Next soft key to cycle through the details of the conference parties.

4.When the party you want to drop is displayed # (or press bst drop Release).

5.Wait a few seconds for the display to return to normal or press Exit soft key.




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