Using the system administration option, it is possible to put the SSL VPN Service, which exists on <%IPOFFICE%> Basic Edition, in and out of service.

Note: The phones must be plugged into the first two ports of the first card on the IP500 V2.

1.With the phone idle and the handset on hook, press the FEATURE button.

2.Access the System Admin menu by pressing * * 2 6 6 3 4 4 and select the SSL VPN Service sub-menu via the NxPrc/PrPrc keys.

3.Use the Next Item and Previous Item buttons to select the appropriate tunnel and press Enter.
The name and status of the selected tunnel is shown (1=Active, 2= Not Active).

4.Dial 1 or 2 to activate/deactivate the selected tunnel. You can also use the Next Data and Previous Data buttons to change the setting. You can still use the Next Item and Previous Item buttons to scroll through the list of remaining tunnels.  

If you press Remove, the selected tunnel is set to 'Not Active.'