You can forward a message to a different mailbox or to several mailboxes at the same time. When you do this, you can record a comment at the start of the message.

To forward a message:

1.While listening to the message, press 1.

2.Press 2 to forward the message with a comment.

3.After the tone, record your comment:

To stop recording: Press 1.

To restart recording: Press 1 again.

To rewind the recording: Press 2.

To play back the recording: Press 23.

To delete the recording: Press *3.

To approve the recording: Press #. Recordings must be at least 3 seconds long

4.Enter a mailbox number (or dial the required name) and then press #.

Repeat until you have entered all the mailboxes to which you want to forward the message.

To delete the last number that you entered: Press *3.

5.Press # to finish addressing.