You can record the greeting heard by callers to your voicemail. At any time, you can listen to a greeting message and re-record it.

A greeting must be longer than 3 seconds. The maximum length of a greeting is 120 seconds by default.

To record your greeting:

1.Log in to your mailbox.

2.Press 3 to select personal greetings.

3.Press 1 to create or change a greeting.

4.Start speaking your greeting at the tone.

5.When you have finished press 1 to edit your greeting.

6.Press 2 3 to playback the greeting that you have just recorded.

7.Press # to confirm the recording. The system announces the number of the greeting just recorded. If you want to add to the recording, press 1. Start speaking the extra words, press 1 when finished.

8.Press # to save the recording.