Visual Voice allows you to access your voicemail mailbox using the display menu of your phone rather than following spoken mailbox prompts. To use Visual Voice, your system maintainer must either add a Visual Voice button to your phone or set the MESSAGES button to use Visual Voice.

Visual Voice is supported on most Avaya desk phones with a suitable display. On other phones, the button can be used for mailbox access using voice prompts and for direct to voicemail transfer during a call.

Visual Voice Controls

The arrangement of options on the screen will vary depending on the phone type and display size.

Access your own voicemail mailbox. When pressed the screen shows the number of New, Old and Saved messages. Select one of those options to access the messages in that category and then use the options below:

Play - Play the message.

To select the next message or previous message, use the down arrow and up arrow cursor keys.

To fast forward or rewind the current playing message by 5 seconds, use the left arrow and right arrow cursor keys.

Pause - Pause the message playback.

Delete - Delete the message.

Save - Mark the message as a saved message.

Call - Call the message sender if a caller ID is available.

Copy - Copy the message to another mailbox. When pressed as number of additional options are displayed.

Record and send a voicemail message to another mailbox or mailboxes.

Change the main greeting used for callers to your mailbox. If no greeting has been recorded then the default system mailbox greeting is used.

Change the mailbox user name recording used in various functions and played to callers.

This option is only shown if you have been configured with an e-mail address for voicemail e-mail usage in the system configuration. This control allows you to see and change the current voicemail e-mail mode being used for new messages received by your voicemail mailbox. Use Change to change the selected mode. Press Done when the required mode is displayed. Possible modes are:

Email Mode Off: Voicemail email is not used.

Email Mode Copy: Copy new voicemail messages to the email address, leaving the original message in the mailbox.

Email Mode Fwd: Forward new voicemail messages to the email address, deleting the original message from the mailbox.

Email Mode Alert: Send an alert email message to the email address, leaving the message in the mailbox.

Change the voicemail mailbox password. To do this requires entry of the existing password.

Switch voicemail coverage on/off.

Using the Visual Voice Button for Voicemail Transfer

If pressed when you have a call is connected, the MESSAGE button allows entry of an extension number for direct to voicemail transfer of the connected call.