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 IP Office Basic Edition - IP Office Embedded Voicemail

You are not required to set a password for your mailbox if you only access it from your own extension. For access to your mailbox from other locations, including in response to Outcalling, you will need to have a password set. If you set a password, it is then required during access to your mailbox from your own extension.

To change your password:

1.Log in to your mailbox.

2.Press *04 to change your password.

3.Enter your current password and press #. If you have no current password just press #.

4.Enter your new password followed by #.

Enter at least four digits and up to 15. Do not set an obvious code. For example:

Your extension number.

A sequence of digits, for example 1234.

The same repeated digits, for example 1111.

5.Re-enter your new password followed by #.

The system will prompt you if the codes do not match or is not acceptable. It will also confirm the change of password if successful.

System Administration

The system administrator cannot see your password. However, they are able to clear your existing password.



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