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 IP Office Basic Edition - IP Office Embedded Voicemail

The following is a summary of the options that are available after you have logged into a mailbox.


Activity Menu


New messages start playing by default.

Play old messages = 1

Play saved messages = 2

Fast forward = #

Rewind = *

Repeat last message = 7

Skip current message = 9

Delete current message = 4

Save current message = 5

Mark Message as new = *06

Call back sender = **

Forward message = 6


Edit greeting = 3

Record Name = *05

Change mailbox code = *04

Direct all to email = *01

Send email notification = *02

Turn email off = *03

Outcalling options = *07

Help = *4

3. Edit Greeting

Listen to greeting = 1

Record new greeting = 2

Save new greeting =3

Save new greeting as a loop = 4

Return to mailbox = 8

6. Forwarding

Forward to extensions = 2

Forward with header message = 3

[Follow each extension number with # and then a final # to finish.]

*07. Outcalling

Listen to settings = 0

Configure outcalling = 1

Turn outcalling off = 6

Turn outcalling on = 9

Return to mailbox = 8

IMPORTANT: Old Messages are automatically deleted after 24 hours
After you listen to new message, it is marked as 'old' and it is automatically deleted after 24 hours. If you do not want the message deleted, you must mark it as a 'saved' message.

To mark the current message as saved, press 5 while listening to the message.


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