In addition to the line buttons, the telephones have some or all of the following fixed buttons, which are already imprinted:

INTERCOM (not labeled)
Press to make or answer a call to or from another extension. If you receive a call on a T1 line with Direct Inward Dialing (DID), and you cannot access that line from a line button, the call will appear on your Intercom button.

Press to change programmed settings or use system features.

Press to add other parties to your call.

Press to pass a call to another extension.

Press to put a call on hold.

Press to turn on and off the speaker and microphone (if available), so you can dial and have a conversation without lifting the handset. The light next to this button shows when the speaker is turned on.

Press to turn the microphone on and off. The light next to this button shows when the microphone is turned on. Leave on to use Hands-Free Answer on Intercom (HFAI) feature.

Volume Control Buttons
Press down arrow to decrease or up arrow to increase the volume as follows:

To adjust ringer volume, press while the telephone is idle or ringing and the handset is in the cradle.

To adjust speaker volume, press while listening to a call through the speaker.

To adjust handset volume, press while listening through the handset.