Some buttons have a green light and a red light. The meaning of these lights varies depending on whether the button is used to access an outside line or pool, is programmed with a system feature, or is programmed for Auto Dialing an extension number (Intercom Auto Dial button).

The meanings of the various light patterns for each possible button assignment are:

Light Pattern

Line Button

Programmable Button

Intercom / Auto Dial - Intercom Button


Green - You are using the line.

Red - Line in use by another extension.

Green - Feature is on.

Red - Extension is busy.


Line is idle

Feature is off.

Extension is idle.

(long on, long off)

Green Flash - A call is ringing at your extension.

Red Flash - A call is ringing on the line but not at your extension.

A user is entering a a four-digit code to lock or unlock their extension.

Alternating Red/Green

Alternating green and red flash appears at both extensions in a joined call.

(long on, short off)

Green Wink - The call is on hold or parked at your extension.

Red Wink - Call is on hold or parked at another extension. Anyone who has the line can retrieve the call.

Green Flutter
(short on, short off)

Caller ID Inspect, Call Log or Absent Msg. is on.

Absent Text Message Mgt. is active

Call Logs is active