Some types of phone supported by the telephone system are able to connect calls without the phone user having to lift the handset or press any keys, ie. auto-answer. Those extension can accept direct voice calls.

You can make direct voice calls to any extension by dialing * in front of the extension number. If the phone called supports auto-answer, then if free, the call is automatically answered after the called users hears 3 beeps. If the phone called does not support auto-answer or is not free, the call is turned a normal waiting call.

Unlike a page call, the called user can also speak without having to take any further action if their phone has a handsfree microphone. Otherwise they need to pickup the handset to be heard.

To make a direct voice call:

1.Dial * and then the extension number of the user.

If the user's phone is idle and supports auto answer, you can speak and be heard by them immediately. You can also hear them.

If you hearing ringing, then either the user called already has another call in progress or has a phone that does not support answer.