This document covers the programming of an IP Office Essential Edition - IP Office Essential Edition - Basic Edition system that can be done from the phones on that system. This is only supported from a limited range of phones (ETR (ETR 18D, ETR 34D), M-Series (M7310, M7310N, M7324, M7324N), T-Series (T7316E, T7316), 1400 Series (1408, 1416), 9400 Series (All) and 9500 Series (All).

The range of programming can be divided into the following categories:

System Administration
This programming can only be done on the first two extensions in the system. It mainly involves settings that affect all extensions on the system though there are some extension specific settings.
Centralized Programming
This programming can only be done on the first two extensions in the system. The user is able to select another extension number and then program settings for that other extension.
Telephone Programming
This programming is done from the extension whose settings are being changed. It does not cover daily operations, for example switching forwarding on or off.


IP Office Manager can access all the settings covered by telephone administration plus a wide range of additional settings not available through telephone administration. However use of IP Office Manager is normally reserved for a system installer or maintainer only, due to the nature of the settings that are accessible.



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