This site covers most modes of IP Office operation.

Whilst we have attempted to separate the information in each section to cover just a particular mode of IP Office operation, that is not always possible. Many of the documents are shared by multiple modes.

IP500 V2 Modes

These modes are supported on systems built around the IP Office IP500 V2 and IP Office IP500 V2A control units (dedicated hardware platforms design and manufactured by Avaya for installation at customer sites).

IP Office Basic Edition
The default mode for new IP500 V2/V2A control units. This mode does not support IP phones and user applications. It does support ETR phones and SIP trunks.

oThis includes the older IP Office Partner Edition and IP Office Norstar Edition mode systems which use the same software but with variations in supported hardware for the different regions in which they are sold and supported by Avaya.

IP Office Essential Edition
This mode requires a 'Essential Edition' license. It add support for IP phones. It also support IP trunks other than just SIP.

IP Office Preferred Edition
This mode builds on IP Office Essential Edition by adding support for licensed user modes and a range of applications including Voicemail Pro and one-X Portal for IP Office.

IP Office Subscription
This mode supports all the features of IP Office Preferred Edition but uses monthly subscriptions rather than licenses. It supports a range of additional features provided through Customer Support Management used by the system reseller.

Linux Based System Modes

This category covers documentation for IP Office systems running on either server PCs or as virtual servers on platforms such as VMware, AWS, Hyper-V or Azure:

IP Office Server Edition
This mode supports IP Office and its various services running on a Linux-based server. Additional servers can be added to expand the system capacity and features.

IP Office Select
This mode of operation support higher capacity of users, extensions and expansion systems; simultaneous dual-voicemail server operation, and direct linking of nodes in addition to linkage via the primary/secondary servers.

IP Office Subscription
This mode supports all the features of IP Office Select but uses monthly user subscriptions rather than licenses.

Other Modes

This section covers IP Office systems being used a local branches with a larger Aura based network.

Containerized IP Office
This mode refers to IP Office systems supported by Avaya using its own cloud infrastructure.