The navigation tree is one method to see the different documents and types of information available within a section of the IP Office Knowledgebase. The navigation tree is displayed when you select Top in the drop-down menus.

Navigation Tree Icons

The navigation tree has a number of icons along its left-hand edge. These can be used to control how the tree behaves.

collapse_treeExpand this Section / expand Collapse this Section
Use these icons to expand or collapse a section of the navigation tree's list of links.

ocollapse Collapse Any Expanded Items
Collapse any parts of the tree of links that have been expanded by clicking on their expand icon.

Link Type Icons
The remaining icons indicate the type of content to which an item in the navigation tree will take you. These are:

html HTML
This type of link is to an HTML page or HTML based document.

pdf PDF
This type of link is to a PDF document or a page listing PDF files.

external External Site
This type of link is to another website. This type of link is always opened in a new browser window.

mini_search Subject Search
This type of link is to a search of the whole section of the IP Office Knowledgebase using a pre-defined search string.