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Sorting the Table

Initially each table shows the data in the table in the order it was entered into the table. However, you can sort the table:

Click on the column label to sort the table based on that column. Note that you can only sort on one column at a time.

Click on the column header again to change the direction of the sorting.

The downsimple and upsimple icons indicate the column on which the table has been sorted and the direction of sorting.

Filtering the Table

Use the Filter on... box to apply a filter. When a filter is set, the table will only include entries that match the filter.

For a simple filter just enter the text you want matched.

For complex filtering see the options listed at the foot of the table or on the filtering help page page.

To remove the filter, click on the btn_eraser icon.

Paging Controls

By default, the table shows 20 items at a time, with btn_previous_page btn_first_page btn_last_page btn_next_page controls in the header to move between different pages.

Changing the Number of Items Shown
When paging is applied, the table header includes a Show option. You can use this to select how many items are listed on each page.

Turning Paging On/Off
You can turn paging on or off by clicking on the paging icon. When off, the table will list all entries on a single page.


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