Administrator password change

Only an administrator can change the administrator password using the following procedure.


  1. From the Administrator Setting menu, use the Next and Prev keys to navigate to Password Change and press the Select soft key.

    The system provides a confirmation message.

  2. Press Yes to change the password.
  3. Enter the new administrator password.

    The maximum password length is eight characters, but you can enter an empty password. To change the password back to the default setting (7 8 2 8 8 7 6), press the More.. soft key during password entry and select Deflt.

  4. If you change the password, the handset prompts you to re-enter the password as confirmation. Enter the password a second time and press the OK soft key. If you change the password back to the default setting, confirm the change using the OK soft key.

    If successful, the display reads Saved for three seconds. Otherwise, the display reads Failed for the same duration. You then return to the menu list.