Administrator settings

Press the More.. soft key twice and press the Config soft key to enter the Administrator Setting menu.

The Administrator Setting menu has configurable options and lists of information which only an administrator can reach. Entering the menu requires the use of an administrator password. Since many of the following procedures begin with the Administrator Setting menu, do not misplace the administrator password.

By default, this password is 7 8 2 8 8 7 6. To change the password, see Administrator password change.

The moment you enter the Administrator Setting menu on a handset, the system refuses entry to all other handsets connected to that base station. Any attempt to enter the menu on another device results in the message Denied.


  1. In the configuration menu, navigate to Administrator Setting and press the Select soft key.
  2. Enter the administrator password, and press the OK soft key. Press the Del soft key to delete the last character entered.

    By default, the administrator password is 7 8 2 8 8 7 6 (or 'Q U A T T R O').

  3. If the password is correct, navigate to the desired menu.

    If the password is incorrect, the display reads Failed and the handset emits an error tone before returning to the main menu.