Boot up sequence

Use the following procedure to boot up the base station.

Before you begin

Ensure that you have the required components:


  1. If DHCP is enabled, the base station obtains the IP address from the DHCP server.

    If DHCP is disabled, the base station begins to boot up with the IP address that was provided in advance. The status LED flashes to indicate the booting status.

  2. If the current IP parameters of the base station differ from those parameters received from IP Office, the base station loads the new parameters and reboots.

    If the firmware version number is different from the version of the base station, the firmware is updated and then the base station reboots.

    While setting up IP Office, the LEDs of the base station turn on to indicate that the base station is setting up. After the IP Office setup is complete, the status LED turns on to indicate that the base station is ready. Users can now log in.