Configuring the D100 using IP Office Manager

Using IP Office Manager, configure the D100 for use on IP Office.

You must configure the D100 components in IP Office prior to connecting and powering the base station. Otherwise, if the base station is already connected and running, you will have to reboot the base station after you configure IP Office.

The D100 SIP DECT system consists of two types of components:
  • A SIP DECT Line that represents a D100 base station

  • A SIP DECT Extension that links a specific user to a D100 base station

Ensure that you associate a SIP DECT Extension with a single SIP DECT Line.

Before you begin

Install IP Office Manager and connect it to a fully functioning IP Office. Obtain an Avaya IP Endpoint license for each D160 handset. The user consumes the license while they are logged in and they stop consuming the license when they log out.

Obtain any licenses, such as Power user or Mobile user licenses, that provide the user with additional features.

The user does not require licensing specific to the base station.