DECT PIN change

You can change the DECT PIN using the following procedure. If the system has more than one base station, you should assign each base station a unique DECT PIN to prevent registration to an unintended base station.


Only the administrator can change the DECT PIN, using the administrator password and the new 4-digit DECT PIN.


  1. From the Administrator Setting menu, use the Next and Prev keys to navigate to DECT PIN Change and press the Select soft key.
  2. Enter the new 4-digit DECT PIN, or press the Deflt soft key.

    If you press the Deflt soft key, the handset provides the factory setting PIN (3 1 0 0) and requests confirmation. Select Yes to confirm or No to return to the menu list.

  3. If you entered a new PIN, press the OK soft key to save the PIN to the base station.

    If the PIN change is successful, the handset emits a confirmation tone and the display reads Saved. Otherwise, the display reads Failed.