De-registering a handset using the handset

You can perform de-registration on the handset using the following procedure. Note that de-registration does not affect calls in progress.


  1. From either the Idle or logged-out state on the handset, press the Config soft key.

    The display reads Configuration... while the handset attempts to connect to the base station.

    Press the On-Hook key to quit de-registration at any time.

  2. After connecting to the base station, the handset display provides a menu list that you can navigate using the Next and Prev soft keys. Navigate to Administrator Setting and press the Select soft key.
  3. Enter the administrator password and press OK.

    By default, the administrator password is 7 8 2 8 8 7 6 (or 'QUATTRO'). For more information, see Administrator settings.

    Only one handset per base station can enter the Administrator Setting menu at any given time. Attempts to enter the menu on additional handsets result in the message Denied.

  4. After the password is authenticated, navigate to Deregistration and press Select.

    The display shows the handset information, which includes the handset number and the user extension number, if a user is logged in.

  5. Scroll through the list of handsets using the Next and Prev soft keys. Select one of the handsets for de-registration using the Select soft key.

    An asterisk (*) next to the handset number in the list identifies the handset in use.

    The following table identifies the handset states relative to the Extension Number field:

    No. Handset state Extension Number field
    1 Not registered Not displayed on the handset de-registration list
    2 Registered but not logged in * Empty
    3 Registered and logged in * <extension number> **
    * You can de-register a handset whether or not its user is logged in, and whether or not a user is associated with the device. Attempting to de-register a handset that is not registered results in an error tone and you will not be able to proceed to the next step.

    ** <extension number> represents the actual extension number of the user who is logged in.

  6. Select the handset you wish to de-register and press OK to execute de-registration. Press Back to quit de-registration and return to the menu list.
  7. After de-registration, the handset emits a confirmation tone and displays a message for three seconds that reads Deregistered:#1 before returning to the menu list.

    The handset, in this case handset #1, enters an unregistered state.