Display properties

The following sections describe the display properties for the handset LCD as well as the base station, charger, and repeater LEDs.

Handset LCD

The handset LCD consists of three rows. The top row consists of six icons while the remaining two rows consist of 24 alphanumeric characters.

The following tables describe the icons and soft key options visible on the handset LCD.

Status icon Description
The handset talk mode icon.

This icon is on during an active call and flashes when a call is on hold.

The battery status icon. The number of bars visible on the icon indicates the power level of the battery.

When the handset is on the charger, the battery status icon cycles through each icon level from Low to Full until the phone is fully charged.

  • Battery Full = Three bars indicate that the remaining capacity is between 70 and 100%.

  • Battery Level 2 = Two bars indicate that the remaining capacity is between 40 and 70%.

  • Battery Level 1 = One bar indicates that the remaining capacity is between 15 and 40%.

  • Battery Low = Zero bars indicate that the remaining capacity is between 5 and 15%. The icon flashes intermittently.

  • “Change Battery” Message = The phone is not functional. The remaining capacity is between 0 and 5%.

The mute icon. Indicates that the ringer is set to Off. In the Vibrate mode, the mute icon is not visible.
The mail icon. Indicates a new voicemail message.
The speaker icon. Indicates that the phone is in the handsfree mode.
The mute icon. Indicates that the microphone is muted.
Soft key Description
Featur To access the Feature mode.
Msgs To access the Voicemail feature.
Redial To call the most recently called number.
More.. To access more soft key item lists (see below).
CLog To access the Call Log page.
Dir To display the system and local phone directories.
Time To display the current time, accessed using the More.. soft key.
Config To access the configuration menus, such as “User Settings”.

Use the More.. soft key to access the Config option.

123 To switch to numeric input mode, accessed using the More.. soft key.
abc To switch to alphabetic input mode (the default), accessed using the More.. soft key.

Base station LED

The base station has two LEDs. The green LED indicates the connection status, and the blue LED indicates the base station operating mode.

Green LED state Connection status
On Connected to IP Office
Off Not connected to IP Office
Flashing Trying to connect to IP Office
Blue LED state Base station mode
On The normal operating mode
Off The base station is powered off
Flashing (300ms on, 300ms off) The registration mode
Flashing (200ms on, 200ms off) The maintenance mode
Flashing (300ms on, 100ms off) The maintenance mode, or the default IP setting mode

Repeater LED

LED state Repeater status
On Connected to the base station
Off Not powered or registered to a base station
Flashing The searching mode, or attempting to connect to the base station