No. Label Description
1 Up/Down keys Use the Up/Down keys to control the speaker and ringer volume.

You can also use these keys to correct name and number entry when programming a speed dial button.

2 Mute key Use the Mute key to mute the handset microphone.
3 Soft keys (S1–S4) Use a soft key to activate the option listed directly above the key on the display. The D160 has four soft keys.
4 Off-Hook/Handsfree key Use the Off-Hook/Handsfree key to answer a call or to enter the handsfree mode.
5 On-Hook key Use the On-Hook key to end a call or to exit a menu.
6 Dialpad Use the Dialpad to make calls, to enter contact phone numbers and names, and to navigate through contacts and call logs.
7 Function keys (F1–F8) Use a function key to activate the feature assigned to that function key. The D160 has eight configurable function keys.
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