Mounting repeaters

You can mount the repeater on a wall or ceiling. Determine the following when choosing a location to mount the repeater:
  • A location that is higher than cubicle wall height provides better coverage.

  • The repeater power supply cord is 2 metres (78 in) long, so you should mount the repeater within 2 metres (78 in) of an outlet.

Beware of metal surfaces or concrete thickness greater than 3 feet (1 meter) that might cause signal interference.

Note that a repeater must be no closer than 35 feet (10 meters) from the base station or another repeater on the same base station. Also, the repeater must be no closer than 17 feet (5 meters) from other DECT equipment.

Before you begin

Ensure that you have the necessary screwdriver to use with the two mounting screws supplied with the repeater.

Refer to the following diagram to determine the required mounting space for the repeater, which is 15 cm (6 in) by 11.4 cm (4.5 in).


  1. Screw the mounting screws directly into the wall or ceiling, or using the wall anchors provided. Install the screws 6 cm apart horizontally, in a space that has 5 cm clearance above the screws, 2.7 cm clearance to either side and 10 cm clearance below.

    Leave the screw heads about 2 mm out from the mounting surface.

  2. Gently remove the adapter cover from the back of the repeater by pushing in and up on the ribbed section, indicated by an arrow in the following image.
  3. Plug the AC adapter connector into the yellow adapter opening, as in the following image:
  4. Without inserting the cover on an angle, carefully replace the adapter cover, and press on it until you hear it click.
  5. Mount the repeater on the mounting screws installed in step 1.
  6. Plug the power supply into the nearby outlet and dress the power cable.

    For EU models, install the appropriate plug into the repeater power supply adapter.

  7. If the repeater is registered, ensure that the repeater connects properly with the base station. If it is not registered, see Repeater registration.

    If the repeater links from another repeater, ensure that the linking repeater is installed, registered, and connected.

    The repeater blue LED should be on, but not flashing.