Network settings

Press the More.. soft key twice and press the Config soft key to enter the Network menu.

In the Network menu, you can view various network parameters in read-only mode. You can only edit the network settings if you correctly enter the administrator password at the prompt.

You should only configure network settings in troubleshooting scenarios where IP Office Manager and System Status Application are unavailable.

The following submenus are available under the Network menu:
  • MAC Address

  • IP Address

  • Subnet Mask

  • DHCP Setting

  • Default Gateway

  • SIP Controller

  • Ping Reply Setting

  • Destination Unreachable

  • Ethernet Information

  • Statistic Information

For the changes to take effect, reboot the base station after you make changes to the network parameters.

Do not attempt to change IP parameters on the D100 without careful instruction. Be cautious when configuring network settings so as not to corrupt the configuration file.


  1. From the main menu, use the Next and Prev soft keys to navigate to Network and press the Select soft key.
  2. Enter the administrator password, if available.

    If you input an incorrect password, the menu opens in read-only mode.