Out of range

When the handset is in an Idle state and the display reads Searching it means that the handset cannot find its base station as it is most likely out of range. If you press the Regist soft key, the handset enters the registration mode to register to the new base station. To complete registration, the base station must also be put in registration mode. When the new registration is successful the handset overwrites the previous registration information. If the new registration is unsuccessful, nothing changes.

Use the following sections to troubleshoot various out of range scenarios.

Out of range while establishing an RF link

If you press a button but the handset cannot establish an RF link with the base station, the handset emits an error tone and the display reads Out of Range.

Out of range while talking

If the handset does not receive a signal from the base station in approximately five seconds, the handset terminates the call and the handset reverts to the Searching mode.

Likewise, if the base station does not receive a signal from the handset in approximately five seconds, the base station terminates the call.

Out of range while configuring

If the handset cannot receive a signal and reverts to an out of range state while configuring settings in the menu, the handset does not save any of the settings configured prior to confirmation.