The D100 SIP Wireless Terminal is a cordless phone system that is adapted for IP Office. The D100 solution delivers the productivity-boosting benefits of IP and wireless communications across multiple offices in a convenient, lightweight handset. The D100 is a highly functional wireless solution with scalability to support large numbers of users. A single base station can support up to eight handsets, with each handset supporting five calls. Each IP Office can support up to four base stations.

The D100 base station and D160 handset extensions are configured using IP Office Manager. While some administrative options are available using the handset, the preferred method of configuration is through IP Office Manager. Use System Status Application to administer the D100 and view configuration details.

The critical factor for installation is the location of the base station, which emits the wireless signal range up to 350 feet (100 metres) indoors. You can extend this range using repeaters.

Before you begin, ensure that you have the required hardware and the latest firmware. Also ensure that your users have an applicable license.


Each D160 handset user requires an Avaya IP Endpoint license. Any additional license, such as a Power or Mobile user license, determines the additional features available to that user. The user consumes the license while they are logged in and they stop consuming the license when they log out. The user does not require licensing specific to the base station.

Other factors

In ideal open field conditions, the range between a phone and a standard base station can be up to 700 feet (200 meters). However, in indoor conditions with obstacles absorbing signal strength and reflected signals giving increased error rates, the range is more realistically between 100 to 350 feet (30 to 100 meters).

In practice, no rules or guarantees can be given for base station coverage. Too many factors that are unique to each site can affect coverage. For more information, see Base station installation scenarios. See also Site planning.