Performing a base station survey

Use the following procedure to confirm that the DECT RF spectrum is not fully occupied by other DECT base stations in the area.

The D100 only supports survey mode on North American band frequency.


  1. Press and hold the * and # keys and insert the battery into the handset at the same time.
  2. Press soft key #3.

    The handset begins to count, or “rake”, the available RFPI and lists the results on the display.

  3. When complete, the handset reads Stop Raking RFPI followed by the number of RFPIs detected.

    In order for the D100 to work reliably, the number of RFPIs detected in the site should be less than or equal to 40.

  4. Press soft key #3 to restart the process.

    Press the On-Hook key to return the handset to normal operating mode.