Registering a handset using the handset

You can register a D160 handset using the following procedure.

Before you begin

Ensure that your device is not connected to a base station. The handset display should read Not Registered or Searching. If at any time the registration process fails, the handset display reads Registration Failed and the device returns to an Unregistered or Searching state.


  1. While the handset is in an Unregistered or Searching state, press the Regist soft key.

    The handset display flashes a message that reads Press Reg. Key On Base.

    • If the handset is in a Searching state, the handset is attempting to find a new base station. Press the Regist soft key followed by the OK soft key to continue with the registration procedure.

  2. Press and hold the Registration key on the front of the base station for approximately three seconds until the LED blinks.
    • Alternatively, you can use System Status Application to enable Registration mode on the handset. See SystemStatusApplication.

    The base station automatically exits registration mode when no handset or repeater registrations have been performed for over two minutes.

  3. After the handset finds the base station, you must enter the four-digit DECT PIN code and press OK. If the base station uses the default DECT PIN code, you can press the Deflt soft key.

    The Cancel or On-Hook soft keys cancel the registration process.


    You have 30 seconds to enter the four-digit DECT PIN code before the handset returns to Unregistered mode. For more information, see Administrator settings.

    After registration is complete, the handset enters a logged-out state, ready for a user to log in.