Repeater registration

Use the following procedure to register a repeater. Remember that each base station can support a maximum of six repeaters, and that you can chain-link up to three repeaters. When a repeater is powered, the repeater immediately attempts to find the base station it is registered to. The repeater keeps track of the base station to which it is registered.

To avoid signal disruptions, you should register a repeater prior to deploying the repeater.


  1. Press and hold the Registration button on the front of the base station until the base station power LED flashes.
  2. Press and hold the Registration button on the back of the repeater until the repeater LED flashes.

    When the repeater successfully registers, the repeater LED flashes three times. The repeater connects to the base station to which it was previously registered, and the repeater LED changes from flashing to solid, indicating that the repeater is now registered.

    If the repeater fails to register with a base station, the repeater LED blinks 10 times and the repeater returns to its previous registration state, i.e. Searching or Connected if already registered with a base station, or Unregistered if not registered with a base station.

  3. Repeat step 2 for each repeater in the system.
  4. Once all of the repeaters have registered, confirm the registration. Turn off the base station to which the repeaters are registered by disconnecting the Ethernet cable, and then confirm that the repeaters for that base station enter the Searching mode.