Signal strength survey

The coverage determined during site planning was only an estimate based on the building environment. The planned location of a device might need to change based on the actual coverage. Use the following procedure to verify the coverage of the base station and the repeaters using the Signal Strength Survey mode.

Use any of the handsets registered to a base station to survey the coverage of that base station and its repeaters, and establish where the signal is strongest or strong enough.


  1. Using an idle handset that is registered to the base station being surveyed, press 1+2+3 simultaneously and hold for two seconds.

    If the display only reads Searching..., then the handset is out of range. Otherwise, the handset enters Signal Strength Survey mode and the display reads as follows:

    S L– 0 R S 2 2 L O C K    
    C H 1 C R 3 3 L 0 0 0 0 0 0 N O R M A L

    If the LOCK, SL, or RFPI fields show FF, then the handset is not connected to the base station or repeaters being surveyed.

    • SL: Locked Slot — Slot Number: 0–B

    • CH: Channel — Channel Number: 0–4 (NA), 0–9 (EU)

    • RS: RSSI average — Received Signal Strength Indicator (0x15 – 0x3B)

      Install base stations and repeaters such that the RSSI for each device is at least 22 everywhere within the coverage area.

    • CR: CRC — (0x00 – 0x40). A value of 40 indicates an error-free signal quality.

      Install base stations and repeaters such that the signal quality for each device is near 40 everywhere within the coverage area.

    • LOCK: UCP state — LOCK (connected) or SRCH (searching)

    • L: Lost Counter — Lost frame counter

    • 0000: Base RFPI — If the last character is a '0' the survey is monitoring the base station. Otherwise, it is monitoring a repeater. A unique value indicates each repeater.

  2. Press one of the following soft keys to enter the mode described:
    • Soft key 1: The handset enters the Normal mode where the handset is handed off to repeaters in the same way that would occur during normal use. This mode is helpful in understanding hand-off areas on the site.

    • Soft key 2: The handset enters the Hold mode. The Hold mode suspends handset hand-offs to other repeaters or base stations and continues to monitor the same signal source, regardless of strength or error rate. Use this mode to determine a particular device's coverage area.

    • Soft key 3: The handset enters the Peak Search mode, where the handset connects to the device with the highest-strength signal. The handset then enters the Normal operating mode. Use this feature to connect to the nearest device immediately.

    • Soft key 4: Press 4 to alternate between the Normal and Hold modes.