Subnet mask

You can view and edit the subnet mask using the following procedure.


  1. Access the Network submenu, navigate to Subnet Mask, and press the Select soft key.

    The handset display shows the subnet mask.

    For example: Subnet:

  2. Administrators have the option to edit the subnet mask using the Edit soft key. Otherwise, you can only view and exit the subnet mask menu in read-only mode and you will not be able to perform the following steps.

    Similarly, if DHCP is enabled, the Edit soft key will not be available. In this case, press the Back soft key to return to the previous menu.

  3. If you press Edit you can enter the subnet mask manually using the keypad.
  4. When you are satisfied, press the OK soft key.

    The handset emits an error tone if you entered an invalid subnet mask in step 3.

  5. If the subnet mask is valid, the handset requests confirmation to complete the change. Press Yes to complete the change and No to cancel the change.

    In either case, the handset returns to the menu list.